About Us

  Rienchel-Caring for women’s skin, just like watering fragile, sensitive sprouts

  Facebuty Biotech Corporation was founded in Sep 2011.With the belief that “beauty is not the privilege of the riches”, our founder, Ireen Chen, established the 1st skincare brand of company “Rienchel “. Created a new concept of “masstige cosmetics-beauty for all”, providing Asian women with the best value-for-money cosmetics and skincare products.

  Hence, we delicately chose to work with the companies in Japan―the one country where the female consumers have the typical skin type among Asian women; the one country which is known for manufacturing the highest quality cosmetics and skincare products. We worked with the well known skin research institutes in Japan, carefully selected ingredients with the best quality in order to create multifunctional products that address the skin issues and nourish skin with gentle cares.

  For many years to come, Rienchel will continue to align with the trend of Japan’s professional skincare market, work closely with the skin research institutes in Japan, carefully screen the best and newly developed skin care ingredients, accompanied by Japan’s cutting edge technologies with our strict quality control standards. We are confident that the quality of our products is second to none. Our mission is to bring our customers the best care for their skin, allowing them to enjoy the same level of skincare experience as the customers in Japan. Rienchel aims to fully satisfy women’s desire of having beautiful skin, fulfill their dreams of owning “flawless perfect skin”!