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Intensive Hydrating Extra gel

Exclusive formula of Japanese hydrating essence × revitalizing moisturizer
Keep your skin full of water as the same as a young girl

Product Features

Exclusively Japanese formula of revitalizing moisturizer-

                      Water-soluble ceramide (one of the best skin moisturizer)- water supply / absorb / locked, ALL IN ONE

【water supply】Ceramide I : Increase skin’s capability of water absorption.

Extra moisture.Repair hydrolipidic film and enhance the function of skin barrier to reduce water loss.

【water absorb】Ceramide III : Maintain water content in stratum corneum.

Keep skin full of water and quickly repair any dry and damaged skin.

【water locked】Ceramide VI : Lock up water in stratum corneum and supply with nutrients.

Maintain the integrity of the cuticle barrier and form a layer of waterproof film to prevent water evaporation.Therefore, the stratum corneum can keep skin moisture.


High-pressure micro-emulsion technology - High efficiency of nutrient storage and quick absorption

The best Japanese high-pressure liquefaction equipment was applied in Japan Rienchel Skin Laboratory in order to overcome the difficulty of hydration sequences dissolving in milk- or oil-type bases. The Lab has successfully fined the molecules of efficient nutrients to facilitate skin absorption. Thus, skin canbe supplied with moisturizing factors perfectly.


The ultimate effectiveness of skin beauty

Extra moisture

Extra brightening

Extra firmness

Extra protection

No additives, such as parabens for preservative, mineral oil, pigment and ethanol. It is safe for any sensitive and damaged skin.


Product effectiveness : Activate the mechanism of facial moisturizing.

Keep moisture, smoothen skin, solve dryness, prevent crack, and reduce skin pores.

Resolve darkness, lighten whiteness, improve wrinkles, firm elastic skin, and smoothen sensitive skin.